Parents are an integral part of our school community.

Meet Our Parent Support Group 2023-2024

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Parent Support Group

Parental support and involvement are very important aspects of our school. Parents can be involved in a variety of ways:

Parents are an integral part of the parish and school community and are encouraged to take part in the activities of the school. Parents provide the leadership needed for special activities, fundraisers, socials and other community-building events. Queen of Angels has an active Parent Support Group (PSG), which functions under the direction of the School Council. A parent liaison representative facilitates communication between the two organizations. Meetings are held once a month.
The purpose is to assist the Principal and School Council in meeting the needs of the school community. We meet these needs on three levels: financial, social and educational.

Anyone who is a parent or guardian of a student at the school can belong to the Parent Support Group Committee. The PSG is organized and managed by parents (guardians).

We organize fundraisers such as hot lunch and snack days as well as family events to provide financial assistance for school programs, equipment and recreational activities. We stage social events such as the Family Barbeque, Halloween Party, Mardi Gras and our annual Christmas Turkey Dinner. We provide funds to teachers for classroom materials and extra-curricular activities.

Criminal Record Check

Before you can volunteer at Queen of Angels or any off-campus events, you will need to obtain a Criminal Record Check first.

Kindly access the Diocese of Victoria’s website through the provided hyperlink below and click on the Responsible Ministries tab, which will direct you to the appropriate forms required for a criminal record check. Please note that it is essential to submit the correct forms to ensure a successful application. 

  1. Please complete the Volunteer Application Form and send it to us via email at, or drop it off directly at Queen of Angels.
  2. Please print out the Covenant of Care Agreement, read it thoroughly, sign it and then deliver it to Queen of Angels. 
  3. Once you have submitted all the required forms and documents, you can pick up a letter from our office that explains the on-line portion of your criminal record check. 
  4. We will contact you once you have been cleared to volunteer.
*If you have difficulties printing, you can simply visit our office and we’ll gladly provide you with the necessary forms. 

Local School Council

The Queen of Angel’s Catholic School Council consists of 7-9 members who are elected to participate in decision-making in designated areas of responsibility. Those areas in which the School Council is involved are:

  • Planning – Establishing the mission statement, a strategic plan and annual plans for the school.
  • Policy Formation / Enactment – Giving general direction for administrative action on local issues.
  • Finances – Developing plan and means to finance ongoing educational programs including input in setting tuition, developing and monitoring the annual budget, and funding for capital projects.
  • Selection & Appointment of School Staff – Participating in the selection and appointment of new staff of the school in accordance with the policies of the Board of Directors.
  • Public Relations & Marketing – Includes understanding the school’s mission, a commitment to the school’s vision, the involvement of people, the formation of a plan, and the acquisition of funds to bring the plan to fruition.
  • Human Resources – Involved in the hiring of teaching and support staff.
  • Evaluation – Determining whether goals and plans of the Council are met and determining the Council’s own effectiveness.

Queen of Angels School Council meets every month and members of our school community are welcome to attend the public portion of the meetings. Minutes of Council meetings are available at the school office once approved.

Check the newsletter or the calendar for meeting dates!

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