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Kindly access the Diocese of Victoria’s website through the provided hyperlink below and click on the Responsible Ministries tab, which will direct you to the appropriate forms required for a criminal record check. Please note that it is essential to submit the correct forms to ensure a successful application. 

  1. Please complete the Volunteer Application Form and send it to us via email at, or drop it off directly at Queen of Angels.
  2. Please print out the Covenant of Care Agreement, read it thoroughly, sign it and then deliver it to Queen of Angels. 
  3. Once you have submitted all the required forms and documents, you can pick up a letter from our office that explains the on-line portion of your criminal record check. 
  4. We will contact you once you have been cleared to volunteer.
*If you have difficulties printing, you can simply visit our office and we’ll gladly provide you with the necessary forms. 
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